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Project melody line and lyrics during your worship.


Adding notes to the screen during your worship can increase congregation participation, encourage an incrusive culture or worship, help visitors feel more comfortable, and assist with introducing new music to your congregation. The process of designing these images can be a little arduous. Joey has developed a process for this and would be happy to take commissions to design these images for your slideshows. He is meticulous in attention to detail, sensitive to note and lyric spacing and incorporating principles of design to result in a beautiful product that enhances rather than distracts from worship.


Base price is $20 per song. Joey reserves the right to adjust this price based on the complexity and time involved in your project. Currently, Mondays only are available to due this work, so we would need a 1-week lead time to design your song(s) for weekend worship services.


Images can be exported in file format, dimensions, and color of your specification.

   - Recomend png format

   - Note / Lyric images will have a transparent background to allow your background image / video to show.

   - Recommend exporting as close to your screen resolution and dimensions as possible for peak performance

   - The buyer must have a CCLI license for an copyrighted music / lyrics.

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