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TLCO's first studio album, featuring music and readings from our Celtic Service series. 



1) Reading: "Ancient Paths"

2) Reading: "Tune Thou My Harp"

3) When God The Spirit Came / The Star of County Down

4) Reading: "Under the Shadow of Your Wings"

5) Children of the Heavenly Father / Irish Lullaby

6) Reading: "Here Is Love"

7) Jesus, Lover of My Soul / The Welcomewater

8) Reading: "I Arise Today"

9) I Bind Unto Myself Today / A Stor Mo Chroi

10) Reading: "Be Thou a Guiding Star"

11) Be Thou My Vision

12) Reading: "Thou, My Soul's Healer, Keep Me"

13) Lord, Keep Us Steadfast / The Clergyman's Lamentation

14) Reading: "Christ With Me and In Me"

15) Christ Be Beside Me

16) Reading: "Let Us Adore the Lord"

17) Let All Things Now Living / The Munster Cloak

18) Reading: "In You I Dwell"

19) In You Is Gladness / The Angel of Donegal

20) Reading: "A Fortress Art Thou"

21) A Mighty Fortress Is Our God / Munster Buttermilk

22) Amazing Grace / The Cliffs of Dooneen / Reading: "With the Ebb, With the Flow"

CD: Music From The Celtic Service, Vol 1

SKU: 8450156205
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