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Slideshow images of the new melody for "If God Himself Be For Me" by Joey Schumann. This packet includes .tif image files with the melody line and lyrics over a transparent background that work perfectly in PowerPoint, ProPresenter, or any presentation program that supports .tif images. The packet contains both black and white versions of the files. The transparent background will allow your own presentation background to show through and not be blocked by an ugly white or black rectangle. This is a nice presentation addition when introducing new hymns to your group. The melody line on screen allows people to look up and sing with confidence. Note: the background in the sample images/video is NOT included in this packet. Only the notes/lyrics images are included. You can place them over any background (image or video) from you own galleries that works for you!

"If God Himself Be For Me" Slideshow / Presentation Images

  • .zip file that extracts to folders of .tif images

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