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"If there's a drink in the house, would it make itself known
Before I sing a song called 'The Banks of the Lowne?'
A drink with lubrimication in it
For me poor dry t'roat, then I'll sing like a linnet!"

- Irish Christmas Carol


Here's a classic 16oz pint glass with the TLCO logo, because what goes better with Lutheran tunes on Irish instruments than Guiness?



TLCO Logo Pint Glass

  • Mix up a Long Island Iced Tea in one of these Libbey 16 oz. custom pint glasses. These drinking glasses have a pub glass design with thick a thick wall and clear bottom. These glassware items are made with the highest standard glass material. Libbey has a worldwide reputation for producing strong glass that holds up well for years and will not easily become damaged or worn – even with repeated use. Therefore, no matter how many cocktails you shake, these pint glasses will stay in peak condition. They hold 16 fluid ounces, making them great for just about any choice of beverage you want to serve. Safe edge Rim & Foot Guarantee. Made in the U.S.A.

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